Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gord & Jay Talk Art Episode 3: Getting stuff did!

Can you believe that we're back with another podcast for your listening pleasure so soon after the previous one? Sure, it may have something to do with us trying to sync up the time between when we record the episodes and when they are released, but we're also trying to get some momentum going and have plenty of content right off the bat. And with this episode, we're a little bit closer. Still not quite there, but we should be into a proper system with episode 4.

Anyways, here's episode 3's show notes-
  • Jay went on about The Circle again. Some people may want him to stop doing that, but he isn't going to. He isn't particularly sorry about that either.
  • This is the life-drawing class Jay goes to in Galway, Ireland.
  • And this is Gord's one in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Jay mentioned his 100 Heads in 100 Days self-challenge. Here's the video, here are the blog posts.
  • Gord mentioned Akira's Tetsuo Shima, Jay talked about the great and rather attractive artist, Rebecca Guay.
  • Jay talked about the little comic that Gord wrote and he drew a bunch of years ago, called The Void.
  • Jay pretty clearly talks too much and is fond of name dropping. He IS sorry about that.
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We'll be back soon with episode 4 very soon. It's Jay's turn to pick a topic, and he's leaning toward talking MATERIALS. See you then (or, you know, sooner, if you come chat with us on FB....)

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