Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gord & Jay Talk Art Episode 2: Foundations

We're back with Episode 2 of The Gord & Jay Talk Art Podcast.
This time, we discuss the importance of FOUNDATIONS.

Firstly, though, we talk about the things we've been doing (Jay not so much to show, but Gord's
Dark Souls piece will get its own post here very, very soon).

And then we get right into the topic.
Jay talks about the importance of basic structure when drawing forms in space, and the magic of the three basic shapes- the sphere, the cylinder and the cuboid.

Gord then discusses the basics of tone and value, how they are kinda the same thing and why exactly it is important to take them into consideration while working.

We finish with a quick chat about what we have on the drawing board for the next little while. Jay has/had the 24-hour Comic Day and a long life drawing session, and Gord has that pesky Faust piece to finish, along with some pixel art stuff on the go.

Apologies about the fuzzy audio, we're still finding our way with the technical stuff. As usual, the music we used for the background in the intro is provided by Group_1

We'll be back in about a week with Episode 3. Look how we spoil you! In the meantime, come chat with us on our Facebook page, we'll be having challenges, polls, discussions and all sorts of fun stuff. Come be part of the new cool gang in town.

You can download Episode 2 by right clicking here.

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