Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dark Souls by Gord

I talked a little in the last couple of podcasts about this picture.  It is of the characters Ornstein and Smough, two notoriously difficult level bosses from the game Dark Souls.  Here is the final piece as well as a couple of work in progress pictures, please excuse the quality they were taken on my camera phone.

Rough Pencils, I have tried to be more conscious of the initial construction of the figures, using simple forms, Jay talks about this in the 2nd podcast.

Starting to add a little more detail and shading.  I didn't leave enough space to include the hammer so had to cut the original picture and put more paper behind it.

Finished inks

Tidied up in Photoshop and the composition adjusted.

It didn't really end up how I had hoped but nevertheless much was learnt (I hope).

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