Monday, June 15, 2015

Gord & Jay Talk Art Episode 11: Composition

WE'RE BAAAAaaaaaaaaCK!!

Did you miss us? We missed us. We missed you!

In this episode, Gord & Jay talk about all that has been happening over the last while since the last podcast. Here's the shownotes for your ease of use...
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And the music was supplied, once more, by Jay's brother (recently a daddy for the first time, Congrats!), Ryan Penn.

Tally Ho, we say!

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys,
    Great episode! The conversation on composition gave me lots of food for thought. I think one aspect for solid composition is the storytelling quality of the composition. What does the image want to say, evoke, express in its design? Sometimes a centered composition looking up can be very effective to show power, stability, timelessness, (think School of Athens), then maybe doing something deliberately off center, off the frame may feel more slice of life, like you just stumbled on the scene (Degas: Absynthe Drinkers). I think Brueghel is an absolute master at composition and that's largely because his paintings tell such great stories. To study Brueghel is to study how he moves the eye around, not just from left to right, top to bottom but moving DEEP in to the painting though color, linear and atmospheric perspective and change of proportion. So the intention of the artist in telling the story of the image is so important--it can dictate everything, from the angle of view, the use of texture or lack thereof, color palette, movement vs. stillness, balance vs, imbalance, uniformity vs, variety, everything. Again, really liked the show guys. Keep it up!