Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SketchCast #2 is here!

Hey folks, Gord and Jay are back with another edition of everybody's favourite alternative to the regular Gord & Jay Talk Art Podcast, it's the Gord & Jay SketchCast!
For those that don't know, the SketchCast is different to our usual Podcast in that it's just basically the two of us having a chat while we draw. It's much more laid back in this way and there's no real theme or topic to stick to. It's just good, clean, healthy art discussion. And here it is...

You can right-click here to download the episode.
Or you can go to our iTunes channel (Why does nobody rate and comment, darn it?!).

Apologies for the audio in this episode, there was a glitch. It may have even been a Gremlin. Possibly a Ghost in the Machine. We've got Steven Spielberg and Sting looking into it, anyway.

All of the musical additions in this episode are by Jay's crazy talented musician brother, Ryan Penn. Thanks Ry-Pie!

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