Thursday, February 12, 2015

Talking... AND drawing?!?!?!

As was briefly discussed in Episode 8, the two of us thought we'd try our hands at doing a more loose podcast while we were drawing away. With no particular theme in mind, we'd just talk about what we were doing as we were doing it and get into some general art discussions when the thought struck us.

The resulting recording is the...

We had oodles of fun doing it, and we're going to make it a semi-regular thing on top of the usual, more structured podcast.
So here it is for your listening pleasure-

You can right-click here to download the episode.
Or you can go to our iTunes channel (be kind and subscribe, rate and comment!).

And as promised in the sketchcast, here are the accompanying pieces we were working on.

Picture 1: Them's a lot of stones to render.
Picture 2: Coming along...

Picture 1: A pretty typical warm-up page.
Picture 2: Working out a thumbnail
Picture 3: Getting the figure roughed in.
We're currently toying with the idea of doing these sketchcasts with actual, running video and doing it live. But we'll see how it progresses from here.

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