Monday, February 9, 2015

Gord & Jay Talk Art Episode 8: Discipline

Here we are again for Episode 8 of what is rapidly becoming a fan-favourite podcast among people who are, in fact, Jay & Gord... we just love it.

We talk about a whole mess of things in this episode, so let's get straight to the show notes, shall we?

  • Here's an early Picasso. Not too shabby!
  • Mattisse... meh.
  • The fantastic Chris Riddell, who is very prolific but maintains a really consistently high skill level.
  • He worked on 'The Edge Chronicles' with PAUL Stewart.
  • Here is some of Peter Mohrbacher's Angelarium work. Jay particularly likes Hod.
  • Peter does a webcast thingy with the also awesome Sam Flegal, called One Fantastic Week. It's a great show and very informative.
  • Here is PJ Lynch again, and here is the art class he often gives. Jay will put his piece from the day up on the Facebook page soon.
  • The mighty Bill Watterson!
  • The third of our challenges is for folks to try their hand at rendering this guy. So get drawing!
And here's the usual round-up stuff:

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